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Medical Training


Maika kraemer
Maika kraemerPhysiotherapist
Dr. Ahmed Bakeer
Dr. Ahmed BakeerPhysiotherapist
HananMassage therapist
Dr. Mostafa Shokry
Ahmed Hussian Alkady
Ahmed Hussian AlkadyPhysiotherapist specialized in Neurology


A request from a doctor or previous check-up is optimum to start treatment but
often not given. So I will do a clinical examination based upon your history and complain and advise if its necessary to c a doctor or to do any scan or x-ray.
To start treatment the patient should bring all medical reports, requests or scans that were done before if available.

it depends on your current situation. In some cases its necessary that the patient comes as often as possible- like after surgeries- especially the first weeks.
In some case, not much therapy is needed. Sometimes as low as 1 or 2 sessions can improve the situation that much that the patient doesn’t need further treatment but receives advice on how to maintain and stabilize his condition

you will get the rest of your time of the session or you will receive a new appointment if less than 10 minutes are left of the session.

The average time is about 30 Minutes. Since I don’t like that any patient ever walks out in pain I sometimes need a few minutes longer to monitor that the patient is fine?.
If u have an appointment and the session starts late u will receive the full session.

No, in case that we can not communicate, the secretary will translate.

We treat all orthopedic problems, injuries, back and joint problems, Rehabilitation after surgeries, prevention, and neurological disorders.

It’s not necessary to wear particular clothes but comfortable clothes will make u feel comfortable during the session.

We always give the soonest appointment without long waiting times. We understand that some patients r in pain and need immediate treatment. If ur appointment is not in the near future and you are in pain please inform the secretary and she will do her best to give an appointment very soon.

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